Donations to good causes in Hawick 2016 - 2017 (see friends' photos here)

Border Club continuation200.00
Schools Art Competition365.00
Hawick High School quiz and video160.00
Old Folk's Homes Hampers750.00
Hawick High School Tour Fund200.00
Ex-Serviceman's Club30.00
Hawick Pipe Band100.00
Hawick Saxhorn Band100.00
Drums and Fifes120.00
Hawick Border Games50.00
Cornet's Timetable and Riding Crop254.00
Hawick Welcome Group57.00
Vertish Hill Sports100.00
Hawick Girl Guides100.00
Hawick CommunityCouncil Xmas Lights50.00


On behalf of the Committee and members of the 1514 Club the Club wishes to acknowledge and extend its sincere appreciation to all those who through their own generosity have helped make the Club's wider generosity possible.

In particular the Club wishes to thank: