Adam Robson print (download a PDF document with more details)

This is a fine painting by one of Hawick' most famous artists. The price of a print is 25 (signed) or 15 (unsigned), plus postage of 2.50. A form with more information can be viewed here.

Return from Hornshole

A historic print which is proving very popular, and you can contact Jock Rae for details. Alternatively, the print is available from the Rum and Milk shop near Hawick Horse.

Dress Shirts

1514 Club dress shirts are on sale. Please contact Alan Brown on 07811-956304

CD: History of 1514 Club

This CD on the origins of the Club is priced 3 and can be ordered from Andy Lackenby on 01450-374657

CDs: "Hawick Sings"

Vol 1 and Vol 2 are each priced at 8, and are available from Hamish Smith Jewellers - or through Brian Casson.